Siemens Sinumerik

Digital control system

Digital control system by Siemens is called Sinumerik. Sinumerik series is characteristic of its openness, which allows adjustment to the end user at large scale. Customers will appreciate their use for undemanding application and for standardized serial production.

Siemens manufactures three series of Sinumerik control systems now:

  • Sinumerik 808 – basic version for standard machine
  • Sinumerik 828 – control system for serial machine concepts
  • Sinumerik 840 – open system with option of customization

Our service:

  • Sale of Siemens Sinumerik system
  • Sale of Siemens Sinumerik parts
  • Repairs of Siemens Sinumerik
  • Repurchase of used and non-working Siemens Sinumerik components
Siemens Sinumerik

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